Terms & Conditions of Sale

TERMS: All orders are COD unless an account is established. Payment terms for established accounts net 30 days. A 50% pre-digging non-refundable deposit is required on orders from new accounts who have never previously purchased. When a balance goes beyond 60 days from date of invoice additional credit extension will cease until other arrangements, or payment have been made with our Credit Department. All purchases will be on a COD basis until the overdue balance, including service charges, is paid in full. Credit accounts beyond 60 days will become COD accounts. We accept MASTERCARD and VISA credit cards. 

SERVICE CHARGES: Past due accounts will be charged a monthly service charge of 2% (24% annually). All service charges are collectible and must be paid before additional orders may be placed. Any collection costs, including attorney fees, court cost and/or collection agency fees are the responsibility of the customer.

SALES TAX: The State of Illinois requires us to have certificates of resale on file, not exceeding one year in date, or a letter stating tax exempt status for an organization or particular job. Otherwise, sales tax will be charged at 7% Illinois Occupational Tax Rate.

GUARANTEE OF GENUINENESS: If any nursery stock proves untrue to description of variety names under which it is sold, we hold ourselves in readiness on proper proof to replace such nursery stock that may prove untrue to description of name, or refund the original amount paid. We shall in no case be liable for any sum greater than the amount originally received for said nursery stock.

CLAIMS: Must be made promptly on receipt of stock. We will not entertain claims after goods have been accepted, or when a written report is not made within 5 business days after arrival of stock. We express or imply no warranty as to productiveness or life of the nursery stock we sell and will not be in any way responsible for the results secured in transplanting.

ORDERS: We accept all orders subject to crop conditions and on condition that same shall be void should injury befall our stock from fire, frost, hail, wind storms, error in inventory, or other causes beyond our control.

DELIVERY: Is available upon request and subject to prior scheduling. Labor and equipment to unload is the customers responsibility. Please call for delivery fees.

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